Westfield International Air Show – Looking Back A Few Years


The 2017 Westfield International Air Show is rapidly approaching, set for the weekend of August 12th and 13th. The show is held in conjunction with an Open House of the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing. This year’s show promises to include many active and retired military aircraft, as well as civilian performers. The Westfield – Barnes Regional Airport is situated within a thirty minute drive west of the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

The previous edition of the show was held in 2010, and the open houses before then had a decidedly military look and feel to them. The Air National Guard, who were the main sponsors and performed a lot of the show production too, drew some great military performers such as a U-2 and B-1 (one of which famously performed a complete roll during its flying display!) and over the years, and the “Barnestormers” A-10s and F-15s shared the ramp with many more Air Force and Air National Guard types. Although many of the types of aircraft in the attached photos are retired today and won’t be part of this year’s show, Barnes will still draw a great assortment of old and new military aircraft in a few weeks. How many of these types can you identify?

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