The Grass IS Greener at Geneseo!

The National Warplane Museum calls Geneseo, New York home. Not only does the Museum have numerous aircraft in its collection, but hosts a grand warbird air show each year. Part of the draw to these events is that the Museum’s runway is a turf field, and watching the participating warbirds operate from the field adds a certain sense of surrealism, when one thinks back to the turf fields used during World War II.

Warbird fighters, bombers, transports and trainers all use the turf, but in 1993, some modern military static aircraft (well, modern back a quarter of a century ago as this piece is written), and Dan McCue even flew his L-39 Albatross jet trainer off of the grass!

Here’s a look at the grass field operations at Geneseo a quarter century ago, with both warbirds and active military aircraft in action and at rest.

The 2020 dates  of this air show – “The Greatest Show on Turf” – have not yet been confirmed by the organization at the time this article went public… check their web site for more information:

Please note: these photos are from a show in the early 1990s and not what is expected at this year’s (2020) air show!

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