The 2017 Narragansett Beach Airshow – an Added Bonus in Rhode Island!


The 2017 Rhode Island National Guard Open House Air Show was held during the weekend of May 20-21st – a Saturday and Sunday event.


A lesser-known preamble to the show is a gem of a presentation at nearby Narragansett Beach, only a twenty minute drive from the Quonset Point air show location.  On the Friday before the air show, a traditional short aerial display has been held, to the delight of the few thousand air show fans who lounge around the beach around the sunset hour. Against colorful clouds and relatively calm seas, many of the weekend’s performers make a series of passes, some aerobatic and some not, for about 45 minutes to the delight of show organizers, staff, and the general public.


Among the performers that flew on Friday night this year were Sean D. Tucker, Randy Ball in his MiG-17 and Mark Murphy in a Goodyear FG-1 Corsair. Here’s what you missed!!!

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