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British Commonwealth Warbird Prop-Driven Aircraft


Loosely defined, World War II’s British Commonwealth nations included Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. To be sure, there were other lands and nations (India is just one of these not included in the former group), but to look at the aircraft of the Commonwealth from World War II , we’ll focus on the former group here. We’ve assembled a photo album here, of all sorts of warbird aircraft of these nations, from World War II and beyond.

Don’t look too closely at the airframe and color scheme connections on these warbirds, as many times the original aircraft is different and far removed from the color schemes. The colours represent a different aircraft in many cases…

These are all propeller-driven aircraft – including turboprops. Next week in, we’ll finish this two-part look at warbirds of the Commonwealth with jet-powered aircraft. Enjoy!

Aircraft Carrier – Capable Prop-Powered Warbirds


Here’s one of our larger scrapbooks… full of piston-engined prop warbirds… all of them carrier capable aircraft. Between trainers, fighters, bombers, COD aircraft, AEW and ASW platforms, we’ve got over 100 images to sort through! Our jet – powered, carrier – capable edition ran just a few days ago, check that out too, on these pages. 

Aircraft Carrier – Capable Jet Warbirds


Here’s a decent sized collection of photos of aircraft carrier-capable warbirds, all of them jet-powered ones! Remember, these are all aircraft whose type has been retired from active military use at the time of the publication. There’ll be a propeller-driven album on the Wednesday after this is published, full of more aircraft carrier-capable airplanes too. Enjoy.

Single Engined Warbirds… a Scrapbook of Propeller-Driven Aircraft



Warbirds of the single-engined variety. Trainers, fighters, bombers, liaison and observation aircraft, many of these varieties are all here. How many of these types can you name? Enjoy the photos from Scott and Ken…