MASDC, AMARC, AMARG; Some Snapshots in Time, Bombers Part 1

b52 5

During the early 1990s, mainly after the first Gulf War, the B-52D “Big Belly” and B-52G fleets were retired. The START 1 treaty was signed in 1991, and over 360 B-52 bombers ultimately took up residence at Davis-Monthan AFB, awaiting their demise with the scrappers. Most were earlier B-52C, -D, -E and -F versions that had been replaced by the -G and -H series a decade or two earlier. Soon, only the final production version, the B-52H, would remain active with the Air Force, save for a few test airframes like “008”, the NB-52B operated by NASA.

Many General Dynamics F-111s were also being parked… only the EF-111A, and F-111F and -G versions would remain in service for a few more years. Cannon AFB-based F-111Ds, all SAC FB-111As and Upper Heyford (UK) F-111Es were steadily processed into storage too (although some FB-111s were transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force).

Once numbering in the hundreds, the final pair of Boeing B-47s were stored until air museums collected them.

Here’s a look back at some of the bomber activity at MASDC during the early 1990s.

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