Looking Back: MASDC/AMARC Bombers in Storage



Photos by Del Laughery and Ken Kula

Here’s a look at various bombers stored in the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center (MASDC) and the Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) in Tucson, Arizona. Now known as the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), the name changes happened last century. 

These are all bomber aircraft, from the diminutive Cessna A-37 to the heavy Boeing B-52. Most aircraft in these photos were retired… some donated parts to keep others flying, others were melted down to be regenerated  in new parts for new aircraft. A lucky few went to museums (like two of the B-47 hulks shown here) and a few more were pulled from mothballs and flown again.

All of these aircraft began their lives as bombers, but by the end of their careers, many were converted into other specialized variants, such as the EB-57 Canberras. The orange NB-52 was a testbed for new flight controls.

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