Late 1950’s Stewart Air Force Base Through Robert Finch’s Eyes

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Robert “Bob” Finch, is an aviation photographer and historian (and frequent contributor to this web site), who lived in New York State, north of New York City, during the 1950s.  Before he reached his teen years, his father gave him a film camera, and Bob began taking pictures of airplanes.  He still does it today, although he’s switched from slides and prints to digital images (haven’t most of us!). Stewart Air Force Base was an important Air Defense Command (ADC) facility during the 1950s, and luckily for us, Bob took his camera to a couple of air shows and open houses held during the last years of that decade.  All of these images are scanned from slides taken more than 50 years ago, many during the iconic Dayglo Blaze Orange years when aircraft wore bright colors to assist with visual identity.  These were the transition years between piston and jet power, and there were plenty of different interceptors, transports, trainers, and other special use aircraft on the air show ramp in Newburgh NY. Not only is the hardware interesting and found mainly in museums today, but the apparent openness of the aircraft and the clothing styles aren’t very common either. All photos copyright Robert Finch 

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