Kaman SH-2 Sea Sprite Scrapbook


Kaman’s UH-2 Sea Sprite was first operated by the U.S. Navy in 1962. Originally powered by a single turbine engine, it was found to be underpowered, and a fix to this problem was hastily approved. The first twin-engined UH-2Fs were produced in 1968 and were used during the Vietnam War for search and rescue, and shipborne transports and utility helicopters. 

During the early 1970s, all  remaining U.S. airframes were converted to SH-2F LAMPS anti-submarine aircraft, operated from destroyers and frigates as well as some aircraft carriers. Their diminutive size allowed them to operate from ships with smaller landing and hangar facilities, earning them a niche in the Navy’s carrier task forces.

In 1994, the SH-2F was retired from the active U.S. Navy, but two dozen upgraded SH-2G Super Sea Sprites were delivered to Naval Reserve squadrons… 18 units were remanufactured SH-2Fs and six were new-build airframes. These upgraded helicopters were operated from 1991 through 2001.

Additionally, SH-2Gs were/are operated by Poland, New Zealand and Egypt. Some of New Zealand’s original SH-2Gs have been sold to Peru, and Australia had ordered 11 airframes, but after protracted development issues, the contract was ultimately cancelled.


Here are a number of photos of Kaman SH-2s from a few of our ClassicWarbirds.net photographer team, enjoy!

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