Gate Guards Over Long Island


If you happen to be driving around Eastern Long Island and feel the urgent need to see an F-14A Tomcat, we have the place for you! Drive out on the Long Island Expressway (LIE or I-495) and exit at Route 25. Then back taxi west to the Grumman Memorial Park – about four miles to the west. There is a beautiful F-14A on a hard stand previously owned by the VF-101 “Grim Reapers”. If you drive further west for about a mile and turn south on to Burman Avenue, you will enter the old Grumman Plant and Airport where the final assembly and flight testing of the F-14 took place. On some maps it is called “Calverton Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Airport”. It is now open to the public. Drive in, look around! It is hard to believe that this is where all those wonderful F-14 Tomcats were built!!


But before you leave the Grumman Memorial Park, walk over to the beautifully restored A-6E Intruder strike bomber. It’s hard to believe that so many fantastic fighter planes were built and tested out here in Long Island; now there is no aircraft industry remaining at all!

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