EAA AirVenture Warbird Photo Scrap Book for 2017

IMG_9447 (1000x720)

As usual, there were a truckload of significant features at this year’s AirVenture!  A trio of Bell P-63 KingCobras took to the air, a pair of B-29s graced the skies, and a solo Douglas A-20 also flew during the weeklong event.  And, that’s just the beginning of it…  bomber week showcased B-25s for a special salute to the Doolittle Raiders this year, a still-awesome B-52 joined forces with a B-1 and B-2 for a bomber formation flight and the list goes on and on.

 IMG_5347 (1000x484)

Here’s a slide show incorporating a few photos from the ClassicWarbirds staff who attended the show this year, enjoy!

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