Dale Moody’s Classic Photos – Part Two

Grumman Duck, owned at the time by the late Bill Ross, Chicago industrialist

  1977 EAA/OSHKOSH P51D-25NA, Man O' War  BuNo. 44-72739, N44727 Currently owned by BCT Mgmt. Co, LLC, Corona, CA

1978 CHICAGO AIR & WATER SHOW, North Avenue Beach of Lake Michigan A.V.R.O. Vulcan B2/Hawker-Siddeley Bomber, XL390 of No. 617 Squadron The day following the day this picture was taken this very airplane took off from the Glenview Naval Air Station and crashed in a land fill north of the when it stalled while attempting a low-altitude maneuver, killing all four crew-members aboard.

  1979 CHICAGO AIR & WATER SHOW, North Avenue Beach of Lake Michigan Convair F106 Delta Dart  Disposition unknown.  Probably scrapped as most were. A.V.R.O. Vulcan B2

1979 EAA/OSHKOSH B17G  Before chin turret and before EAA Bell P63-C King Cobra, red, clipped wings, "What Price Speed", N62822,  BuNo. 44-4393  Destroyed in crash in France in 1990 B29A Superfortress "Fifi"  with original type R3350 engines.  Note oil-coated engine nacelles. Grumman TBM Avenger 1930 WACO "CTO" Taperwing S/N 3225, NC845V

1981 EAA/OSHKOSH 1928 Cessna AW  NC4725 then owned by Gar Williams, Naperville, IL stands with Eldon Cessna, the late son of Clyde Cessna, front of oldest flying Cessna.  This airplane was donated in 2011 to The Eagles Mere Air Museum, near Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania.

1983 CHICAGO AIR & WATER SHOW,  North Avenue Beach of Lake Michigan F16 Air Force Thunderbirds  First year flying F16s

  1983 EAA/OSHKOSH Pappy Boyington signs books 1937 Ryan STA  S/N 149, NC17346  Owned today by Wm. Rose of Barrington,, IL Grumman TBM Avenger

2009 EAA/OSHKOSH Airbus A380 Rutan White Knight II

  DISCLAIMER/APOLOGY BY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THESE PHOTOGRAPHS:             The Photos presented here are all digital scans of original 35mm Kodachrome color slides taken, without exception, by the preparer, Dale H. Moody of Illinois and Arizona.  They are compiled here as representative and minor historical record of over 50 years of interest in and photographing of vintage airplanes and other, mostly military, airplanes contemporary at the time the photos were made.              The quality of the majority of these photos mostly do not approach the high-resolution possible using the digital cameras available today.  This is not because previous technology using color-reversal (slide) film cameras was inferior, but is largely due to the inherent loss of quality resulting in scanning slides over, and approaching, 50 years old and their small size of 24mm x 36mm.              The equipment used in most cases here was either a 1954 vintage Leica IIIF system or various evolutionary Pentax 35mm cameras and lenses.              The photographer does not now, nor has he ever, considered himself anything more than an amateur photographer and took these images for his own personal enjoyment.  They are shared here for the same reason.  Please enjoy these photos for what they represent.    
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