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A Look Back: The 2017 Defenders of Liberty Air Show

Before I was a Media Contributor, I was an avid air show photographer attending 8 to 10 shows a season. In addition to my annual driving-distance shows, I would take one trip that was a fly-and-drive, going someplace I had never been. In 2017, I set my sights on the Spring air show at Barksdale […]

Our T-33 Scrapbook

Photos from the and team. The first Lockheed T-33 first flew 73 years ago! I heard a story once, a few decades ago, which seems to be apropos here. A few military aircraft enthusiasts were talking with an F-15 Eagle pilot. The question was posed as to how long the Eagle’s career as […]

Our Military Reconnaissance and Photo Aircraft Scrapbook

Here’s a large group of military aircraft whose main duty was to gather information… photographic and/or electronic, or gather information about other military assets in the area. You can either hover over the photo to see their type ID, or click on it for a larger photo. Enjoy!

Our LTV A-7 Corsair II Scrapbook

U.S. Navy A-7E at the NSA Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center. The LTV A-7 Corsair II was a single engine, subsonic attack jet that was operational in U.S. service between the Vietnam War and the Desert Storm war. Virginia ANG A-7D. The Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) company won a 1964 contract to build a replacement for […]