AT-12 Planes of Fame


Model: 2PA, AT-12 Registration: N55539
Year: 1937 Serial Number: c/n 483-38, 41-17529
Engine(s): P&W R1830 Twin Wasp
Owner: Planes of Fame Museum Chino, CA

In 1936 Major Alexander de Seversky won the U.S. Army Air Corps competition for a new pursuit aircraft. According to the 1938 Jane’s, Seversky was awarded a contract to build 85 P-35’s and the order was completed in 1937.

It seems that Seversky was not a real good businessman, and when he was out of the country in early 1939 his board fired him. They renamed the company, “Republic Aviation Corp.”

The new company developed an export version of the P-35 and called it the EP-106. Before they were all delivered, the U.S. government placed an embargo on all arms that were not going to Britain. In 1940 these were impressed into service for our USAAC with the designation P-35A.

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