A visit to Ramona Airport

While  Traveling to San Diego ,CA  in Aug 2010  for our monumental trip to flyout and trap aboard the USS Carl Vinson CVN70  http://photorecon.net/2010/08/d-v-embarkation-u-s-s-carl-vinson/. We decided to make some calls to see if we could visit any local warbirds and meet some legends of aviation.  One owner and pilot that I have photographed over the years, Chuck Hall and his famous P-51 Six Shooter,was high on the list.,Mr Hall was happy to let us come out to Ramona Airport and have a private shoot with six Shooter. We drove the short distance from San Diego to Ramona and met with Mr. Paul De Jarnett the crew chief for sixshooter, Paul did a great job of hosting us and moving the aircraft around for our shots. One thing to note ,a visit to Chuck Hall aviation is like visiting a small FBO of yesteryear, with a museum like lobby showcasing the many aviation accomplishments of Mr. Hall.  The entire Ramona airport has so many unique aircraft tucked away,our 1 hour photo shoot ended up becoming an 8hr Day. One of the many people we met and would like to thank is Mr. Tony Wiser the owner if Victory Aircraft Service.  Tony is also the  the mechanic for Six shooter  Tony also maintains several other warbirds based at Ramona. Tony took us around and introduced us to several owners, we had a blast to say the least.   More to come about the Ramona Visit in future posts. We would like to thank Chuck Hall, Paul De Jarnett and all the wonderful owners and pilots that welcomed us ,we look forward to visiting again soon.



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