A McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Scrapbook


The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a well known fighter-bomber-photorecon-Wild Weasel twin-jet of the 1960s through the turn of this century. The type was used extensively throughout the so-called “Free World” and was an important weapons system for NATO, PACAF, the IDF and other users. The U.S. Navy, Marines and the Royal Navy used versions aboard aircraft carriers, although most Phantoms were land-based.

After their usefulness was diminished by newer designs and airframe fatigue, the rather elderly design led to many being either scrapped or used as Full Scale Aerial Targets (drones).

Here is an assortment of models used as operational fighter-bomber-wild weasel-photorecon versions, in the colors of just some of the international users who operated Phantoms for half a century. Later next week, a big group of USAF and Navy drone QF-4s will follow in these pages. Our photographic team ahs culled many negatives and SD cards for you!

Photos by: Shawn Byers, Scott Zeno, Scott Jankowski and Ken Kula.

Here’s a larger scrapbook of F-4 and RF-4 images, enjoy! Photos are from the collections of Shawn Byers, Scott Zeno, Bob Finch, Scott Jankowski and Ken Kula.

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