F-86 Sabre

Last Saturday (June 5th), The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA held its monthly “Living History Flying Day.”   This month’s topic was the F-86 Sabre.

From 10am until noon, veteran F-86 pilots Vernon Hodges, Casey Finnegan, and others spoke to a crowd of 150.  These pilots shared their experiences and great memories of the legendary Sabre Jet.

After the speaking portion of the program, the crowd was treated to a flying demonstration of the museums own F-86.  The F-86 was flown by the museum’s Chief Pilot, Kevin Eldridge.

These “Living History Flying Days” are just one aspect of the museums commitment to educating the public on military aviation history.  Think about it, other than television programs like the History or Military Channel, where can you go to personally hear a veteran fighter pilot talk about their military flying experiences, walk around and touch their actual aircraft type, and then see it FLY!

Additional information on the “Living History Flying Days” or general information on the museum can be found at their website: www.planesoffame.org.

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