2014 Rochester International Air Show Review

ballmig 1 During a hazy summer weekend in western New York State, the Greater Rochester International Airport hosted it’s 2014 International Air Show. Nestled on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, the show headlined the USAF Thunderbirds, but a surprising amount of warbirds attracted attention too. To be sure, there was a gaggle of U.S.-built warbirds that included the Trojan Horsemen in their T-28s, a P-47 and P-51, and C-45 and C-47 transports, but what really made for some intrigue was the large number of foreign-built jets that flew during the show. The blue “Mako” CT-133 from Canada’s Jet Aircraft Museum was joined by Art Nalls’ former British Navy Sea Harrier FA.2 . Besides the CT-133, other jet trainers included a Czech-built L-29, a French-built Fouga Magister and a Spanish Hispano/CASA HA-200 Seata operated by Genesee Warbirds.  Other foreign jets built behind the former “Iron Curtain” was an L-39 and Randy Ball’s MiG-17. For you warbird fans, the 2015 show will include half a dozen flying warbird acts and more on static display, including some of these jets from last year’s show. Photos by Bob Finch


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