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Gruman Albatross HU-16B – N44HQ

Serial Number      51-025      Type Registration      Corporation
Manufacturer Name     GRUMMAN     Certificate Issue Date     08/15/2008
Model     HU-16B     Status     Valid
Type Aircraft     Fixed Wing Multi-Engine     Type Engine     Reciprocating
Pending Number Change     None     Dealer     No
Date Change Authorized     None     Mode S Code     51244402
MFR Year     1951     Fractional Owner     NO
Registered Owner

Name     N44HQ LLC
Street     31280 OAK CREST DR STE 5

County     LOS ANGELES     Zip Code     91361-5683

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North American B-25J “Pacific Prowler” – N1042B

Serial #: 44-30823
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: Pacific Prowler
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2005
Ralph Richardson, Yakima, WA, 1958.
– Registered as N1042B.
– Purchased damaged from USAF for $835.
— Aircraft had been damaged during gear-up landing.
Earnest Lee & Arb Osen, Yakima, WA, Oct. 1958.
Wenatchee Air Service Inc, Wenatchee, WA, Dec. 1958-1962.
Tallmantz Aviation, Santa Ana, CA, May 17, 1962-1985.
– Fitted with camera nose for use as camera ship.
– Used in movie “Catch 22”, 1968-1969.
Dennis M. Sherman/Sherman Aircraft Sales, West Palm Beach, FL, 1985-1987.
Dean Martin/Consolidated Aviation Enterprises, Burlington, VT, Nov. 1987-1989.
Universal Aviation Corp, Dover, DE, Mar. 1989-1992.
– Operated by Aces High Ltd, North Weald, UK, Apr. 9, 1988-1995.
— Flew as 430823/69/Dolly.
World Jet Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 30, 1995-2002.
– Camera nose replaced by glasshouse nose, Kissimee, FL, 1996.
– Flew as “Girls Rule”.
– Operated by John Lister, San Antonio, TX, 2000-2002.
— Flown as “Top Secret”.
Jim Terry, Aug. 2003-2004
– Flown as “Pacific Prowler”.

North American P-51D Mustang NACA127 – NL51YZ


Serial Number      44-84900      Type Registration      Individual
Manufacturer Name     NORTH AMERICAN     Certificate Issue Date     11/27/1995
Model     P-51D     Status     Valid
Type Aircraft     Fixed Wing Single-Engine     Type Engine     Reciprocating
Pending Number Change     None     Dealer     No
Date Change Authorized     None     Mode S Code     51460524
MFR Year     1945     Fractional Owner     NO
Registered Owner

Name     ALLMON W C JR
Street     3225A S RAINBOW BLVD STE 102

City     LAS VEGAS     State     NEVADA
County     CLARK     Zip Code     89146-6229

Engine Manufacturer     PKRD-ROLL     Classification     Experimental
Engine Model     V1650 SERIES     Category     Exhibition
A/W Date     07/07/1998

1945: NACA 127
195?: Pittsburgh ANGB, PA, displayed on pole as 484900 PA ANG
198?: Pittsburgh ANGB, PA, moved to different site on field
19??: repainted, coded AJ S
1994: Removed from pole (by David Follett) moved to Beaver County Airport
1995: N51YZ (Bill Allmon) restoration at Pacific Fighters, Idaho Falls, ID.
1998: Oshkosh Post WWII Warbird Champion (this is an immaculate restoration)

AT-12 Planes of Fame


Model: 2PA, AT-12 Registration: N55539
Year: 1937 Serial Number: c/n 483-38, 41-17529
Engine(s): P&W R1830 Twin Wasp
Owner: Planes of Fame Museum Chino, CA

In 1936 Major Alexander de Seversky won the U.S. Army Air Corps competition for a new pursuit aircraft. According to the 1938 Jane’s, Seversky was awarded a contract to build 85 P-35’s and the order was completed in 1937.

It seems that Seversky was not a real good businessman, and when he was out of the country in early 1939 his board fired him. They renamed the company, “Republic Aviation Corp.”

The new company developed an export version of the P-35 and called it the EP-106. Before they were all delivered, the U.S. government placed an embargo on all arms that were not going to Britain. In 1940 these were impressed into service for our USAAC with the designation P-35A.