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B-25 Executive Sweet on its way to Doolittle / Reunion at Dayton, OH

The B-25 known as Executive Sweet began it’s journey from Camarillo, CA to Dayton, OH. The aircraft will be one of Twenty-five B-25 Mitchell bombers that plan to pay tribute to the Doolittle Raiders as they commemorate the 70th anniversary of their raid on Japan. The reunion will take place April 17-20 at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton,OH.

On the way to Dayton, OH the B-25 will make several stops,providing an excellent opportunity for the public to see and fly in this wonderful aircraft . The first of the planed stops was today at Glendale, AZ.

The aircraft arrived about 10:00 AM, after a short flight over Sun City, AZ and the North Phoenix Valley. The plan to over fly the Sun City area was a good one, as many WWII veterans live in the area. The visit was hosted by, Glendale Areo Services FBO and the New Left Seat West Restaurant.

The aircraft was available for tours for about 6 hrs, providing wounderful photo opportunities against the blue sky of a wonderful AZ day. The aircraft will stay overnight and depart for Albuquerque ,NM at around 8:00 am on Tuesday 4-10-12. Executive Sweet is planing to return to Glendale ,AZ on 4-23-12 as it makes its way back to Camarillo airport.

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Howard Pardue…Gone West

On April 4, 2012 just after 2PM, Howard Pardue left us before his time had come.  He was 77 years young.  His XF8F-1 Bearcat NL14HP crashed shortly after takeoff from Breckenridge Texas.  We send our sincerest condolences from the staff here at PhotoRecon to his family and friends and we shall remember him in our prayers.

Howard was known and loved by the warbird community.   He raced at Reno for many years, performed aerobatics at airshows and participated in military “heritage flights”.  During the 70s and 80s, Howard and Nelson Ezell turned Breckenridge into the virtual center of the warbird universe with an airshow that became a legend in its own time.  Howard had a collection of warbirds over the years long before it was cool to have more than one warbird.  He owned several Corsairs, Sea Furys, a Wildcat, and the Bearcat, along with some more conventional aircraft.

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Dale Moody’s Classic Photos – Part Two

Grumman Duck, owned at the time by the late Bill Ross, Chicago industrialist

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Dale Moody’s Classic Photos – Part One

1948 P51D, Galloping Ghost, photographed at Chicago-Hammond airport in Lansing, IL.  Owned at the time by it’s original surplus owners (purchased for $3500), Steve Beville and Bruce Raymond who shared racing this airplane at the Cleveland Air Races in 1946, ’47, ’48 and 1949.  In the Thompson Trophy Race (equivalent to the “Gold” at the Reno Air Races) the Galloping ghost finished second once and fourth three times in a basically stock P51.

1946:  10 laps, 300 miles, 4th at 364 mph  Bruce Raymond, pilot

1947:  20 laps, 300 miles (new course layout below) 4th, at 360 mph, Steve Beville, pilot

1948:  20 laps, 300 miles, 2nd at 365 mph, Bruce Raymond, pilot

1949:  20 laps, 300 miles, 4th at 381 mph, Steve Beville, pilot

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