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Luke AT-6 – 42-3984

Not much is know except serial number. No registration unearth when googled..

North American AT-6 “Midnight Miss III” – N3171P

Serial Number 7320 Type Registration Individual Manufacturer Name NORTH AMERICAN Certificate Issue Date 08/19/2005 Model AT-6 Status Valid Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Single-Engine Type Engine Reciprocating Pending Number Change None Dealer No Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 50661533 MFR Year 1941 Fractional Owner NO Registered Owner Name BUEHN DENNIS G Street 2600 COLLEGE PKWY HNGR 33 City CARSON CITY State NEVADA County CARSON CITY Zip Code 89706-0755 Country UNITED STATES Airworthiness Engine Manufacturer P & W Classification Experimental Engine Model R-1340-AN-1 Category Exhibition Racing A/W Date 11/15/2007

Mitchell B-25 “Photo Fanny” – N3675G

Serial #: 44-30423 Construction #: 108-33698 Civil Registration: N3675G Model(s): B-25J TB-25J EB-25J JB-25J Name: Photo Fanny Status: Airworthy Last info: 2002 History: Delivered to USAAF as 44-30423, 19??. - Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Aug. 1958-1959. National Metals, Phoenix, AZ, July 30, 1959-1960. - Registered as N3675G. John Carter & John Jacobson, Rancho Cordova, CA, Mar. 1960. John Jacobson, Sacramento, CA, 1965. Ed Maloney/The Air Museum, Ontario, CA, 1965-1973. James E. Maloney/Planes Of Fame, Chino, CA., Nov. 1973-2002. - Flew as Shangrila (later Betty Grable). - Currently flown as Photo Fanny. - Flew in movie Forever Young. - Flew off carrier USS Constellation for movie Pearl Harbor off California as 02261, Sept. 2000.

North American P-51 Mustang “Wee Willy 2” – N7715C

Serial Number      44-84961A      Type Registration      Co-Owned Manufacturer Name     NORTH AMERICAN     Certificate Issue Date     04/15/2005 Model     F-51D     Status     Valid Type Aircraft     Fixed Wing Single-Engine     Type Engine     Reciprocating Pending Number Change     None     Dealer     No Date Change Authorized     None     Mode S Code     52467710 MFR Year     1944     Fractional Owner     NO Registered Owner Name     HINTON STEVEN J TRUSTEE Street     7000 MERRILL AVE STE 17 City     CHINO     State     CALIFORNIA County     SAN BERNARDINO     Zip Code     91710-9084 Country     UNITED STATES Airworthiness Engine Manufacturer     PACKARD     Classification     Standard Engine Model     LIBERTY     Category     None A/W Date     04/05/1999