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B-24 Bomber Crew Fantasy Camp

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming part of a bomber crew and flying your very own mission? The Collings Foundation will be offering a very unique two-day training program in which you train for and fly a simulated WWII bombing mission aboard the B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft". No doubt, this will be one of the most amazing living history programs you will ever experience! Space is limited. We are now accepting reservations. Dates have not been confirmed yet. But, we anticipate a time near beginining of June. Should have dates confirmed within the next month.   More Info

A Night under the Stars with Living Historians!!

You have to open this and take a look at the high resolution photos Click to open article and see many more pictures from this night!! Read more »

Cross Country flying with Collings Foundation

Joe and I had the opportunity to fly with the Collings Foundation from Marana, Arizona to Chandler aboard the B-24 Witchcraft. Needless to say we has a wonderful time and there was even a bit of air2air fun. Here is a photo I managed out of the waist gunner opening with transiting away from AVW. One heck of a first timers shot..if I say so myself!! Thanks Jason!!

A Late Night B-24 Maintenance photoshoot.

A B-24 assigned to the 467BG, 790BS sits in England as the ground crew performs late night repairs and rearming of the .50 cal guns. I would like to thank the AZ ground crew living history unit for working with us on this Photo shoot. I would also like to thank Hunter Chaney of the Collings Foundation for providing their two classic warbirds. Also Collings B-24 Pilot and Maintainer Mr. Jayson Owen, Mr Roger Stubbs for his efforts to bring the Collings Foundation to Marana. And a very special thank you to Jennifer Treese the Marana Airport operations director.(the best airport director period) and Mr. Bill Muszala and his family for feeding us all, and putting up with my endless warbird questions. Thank you all. Joe Kates (Photorecon)