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Remembering Ed Maloney’s Legacy at Chino, 2017


Photography by Beau Goff and Jared Black

Legacy. Everyone leaves one and every person has a choice in how theirs will be defined. By a person’s actions, they determine how they are to be remembered. While everyone experiences some degree of success in this endeavor, some accomplish this in spectacular fashion. One of those people, the late Ed Maloney created a lasting tradition of excellence within the warbird community that is simply unrivaled. Now, 60 years later, that tradition once again manifested itself in a magnificent airshow in Chino, California.

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Gathering of Warbirds, 2017


Waukesha County Airport (KUES), better known as Crites Field, lies approximately 26 miles to the West of General Mitchell International Airport (KMKE) and adjacent to I-94. It covers 543 acres and has two runways, one of which (Runway 18-26) being 5,849 feet long. Crites field sees an average of 114 movements a day and is Wisconsin’s busiest General Aviation airport, except for the 6-day run of EAA AirVenture. The airport opened in 1935 and is named after Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame members the twin brothers Dean and Dale Crites. Dean and Dale Crites have been central figures in Wisconsin aviation history for over 60 years.

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Quonset Point 2017 – And A Whole Lot More!


Quonset Point had an air show on May 20th and 21st in Rhode Island right on Narragansett Bay, and just a short drive from Newport. Some people will say it only had seven airplanes. That’s actually true if you count the military statics – two Eagles; two Blackhawks; a Texan II, an Apache and a classic Orion. But if you count everything – Hot Ramp; Cold Ramp; EAA Ramp; Dirt Ramp and military planes that were not allowed on any ramp (for some crazy reason) – there was a total of sixty-five air show airplanes. And that’s not even counting the Quonset Air Museum airplanes that are normally rolled out to the static ramp but are now in storage, sealed in white shrink-wrap preservative pending resolution of the Museum status after it closed last summer. The air show had a total of sixty-five airplanes – not bad considering the Canadian Snowbirds bugged out at the last minute after Quonset Point and the Rhode Island National Guard printed up all those fancy Air Show programs with the Snowbirds on the front cover.

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Getting In Gear for the 2017 New York Air Show



For the third consecutive year, the skies over New Windsor, New York will be ablaze with color and sound as the New York Air Show puts aloft a varied group of aerial performers. The past two years have put this fledgling air show on the national map, featuring U. S. military, civilian and local talent.

The 2017 show, to be held during the July 1st and 2nd weekend, features the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels, the Air Force’s F-16 Viper demo, and a host of other performers. One of the local performers is based at the Stewart International Airport, where the show will be held. The New York Air National Guard’s 105th Airlift Wing will fly a demonstration of their big C-17 transports.

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