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A-4F Gate Guard at Accomack Airport, Virginia.

The next time you are heading south on US-13 on the DelMarVa Peninsula on your way to the air shows at Ocean City, Langley, Oceana or even Cherry Point, make a quick Pit Stop at the Accomack County Airport in Melfa, Virginia, a mile west of US Route 13, for a pleasant surprise; a special Cold War Warrior Gate Guard. Accomack Airport (KMFV) is a small county-owned public use airport located one mile west of the central business district of Melfa, Virginia, right off of US-13.

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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar hosted their 2017 edition of their annual airshow from Sep 29th-Oct 2. Home to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (3d MAW), Miramar boasts one of the largest and most popular airshows on the West Coast.

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The Adventures of an Airplane Nut

Ron bookcover 1

If you have even a casual interest in aviation history, you’d be envious of Ron Pagano’s aviation experiences. Interested in aviation well before he enlisted in the Air Force in 1953, his life became an interesting series of adventures. Ron even has written a book about some of them, aptly entitled “The Adventures of an Airplane Nut”.
In his self-written preface to this book, he explains it all:
“I have always wanted to put into writing all of my aviation adventures and experiences, and my passion for anything aviation related. It is in my DNA. Many well-written stories and books have been written about flying aces, and many other interesting flying heroes. This book is different. This book is about an average guy born with a great passion for airplanes and aviation. It is about the true-life adventures of an “airplane nut”…

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Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy

Dover Air Force Base In Maryland had its first Air Show in eight years – “Thunder Over Dover; Celebrating Our Heritage” – on August 26th – 27th, 2017. It was no small event with over 70 airplanes on the Hot Ramp and the Static Ramp and drawing over 150,000 plane-crazed spectators each day. (see 10/23/17) There was enough to please everyone,not only with the Thunderbirds, but also with 6 hours of flying in the air, and ramps packed with heavy metal haulers, current fighters, a “Bone”, helos, a “Reaper”, little “Noisemakers”, white “VIP’ers”, light Cessnas, Gliders and a collection of great Warbirds. We go to these air shows and we are awed by the great planes on the ground and in the air, but these airports and bases we visit hold some interesting secrets and that is not only what goes on there now but also the history of these airports, many of which have a long story going back to the early days of Flight. Dover AFB is no exception. Let’s leave the ramp and take a little trip backwards and see what goes on here now and also have a quick look at the early days of Dover.

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