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The Disestablishment and a Brief History of the VMAQT-1 Banshees


Oxford Dictionary defines the word “disestablish” as: dis·es·tab·lish, [disəˈstabliSH] vb. “deprive (an organization, especially a country's national church) of its official status.” In military aviation, a disestablishment likely means that the squadron’s current operations, staffing, equipment and/or mission has finished its tasks, and that organization is disbanding. It also means that the heritage and accomplishments of the unit is no longer actively displayed. At the recent 2016 MCAS Cherry Point Air Show, those in attendance at the Friday evening event got a rare privilege to watch how a squadron is “disestablished”, with the appropriate pomp and honor that recognized Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron 1 (VMAQT-1) and its past associated squadrons. VMAQT-1 has stood down, leaving the Marines with three Tactical Electronic Warfare squadrons equipped with the last Grumman EA-6B Prowlers in U.S. military service. Read more »

Wings over Illawarra 2016 – A Parade of Allies!


The Historic Aircraft Restoration Society operates its museum, dominated by the B747-400 VH-OJA, at Illawarra regional Airport, Albion Park, New South Wales. In cooperation with the museum, Bright Events have managed Wings over Illawarra air show for some years. After attempts for the last two years, WoI was finally visited by favourable weather in 2016. Last year, the air show was cancelled due to heavy rains and the amount of sitting water on the runway. The year before that, high winds were responsible for the cancellation. This tried the patience of the organisers and participants and took a tremendous amount of work to bring to us a successful 2016 event. Read more »

75 Years of History Observed at MCAS Cherry Point


Over the last weekend in April 2016, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, located in the town of Havelock, North Carolina, offered their 75th Anniversary Air Show. Three quarters of a century is a long time, especially since powered flight was initiated fewer than four decades earlier than the base’s beginnings. There were quite a number of historic planes displayed at the show, and other more modern aircraft wore special colors that commemorated more events that occurred while MCAS Cherry Point has been in operation. The local area has a number of restored jets on display that have flown from Cherry Point’s runways too. Here’s a review of many of the interesting sights and sounds seen during the three day event. Read more »

2016 Air Power Over Hampton Roads Air Show


Langley Air Show 2016, Celebrating One Hundred Years of Air Power over Hampton, VA 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of Langley Field. To commemorate a century of Langley's history, Joint Base Langley-Eustis hosted an open house on April 22-24 at Langley Air Force Base, kicking off a series of year-long events throughout the historically-rich Hampton Roads, VA area.


Langley Field In 1915, at the onset of World War I, Congress established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) for the purpose of, "Supervising and directing the scientific study of the problems of flight with a view to their practical solution." A site was then needed to carry out the necessary aeronautical research, aviation experiments and flight testing. The military was attracted to the Hampton Roads, VA area which featured unobstructed open flat lands, next to water (Back River) and close to the U.S. Army’s Fort Monroe. On December 30, 1916, the federal government was convinced to make its first area land purchase of 1,650 acres. The airfield built there by the Army Air Service and NACA was named for American military aviation pioneer Samuel Pierpont Langley. Langley Field was one of the earliest military bases in America specifically built for air power. Read more »