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Edwards AFB Air Shows of the Early 1990s

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During the early 1990s, the main focus of the U.S. Air Force was still centered on countering the U.S.S.R., although that union was beginning to unravel.  The first Gulf War was just around the corner, and most of the Air Force’s tactical arsenal was still painted in the camouflage  colors that would be the most effective in Europe (occasionally referred to as the “Lizard”,  “Euro 1” or “European 1” color scheme).

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Warbirds at the 2018 “Vegas Strong” Nellis Air and Space Expo

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This year, being the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force, and with the recent tragic shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip, Nellis Air Force Base painted up two aircraft in very special paint jobs in honor of both for their annual Air and Space Expo.


A static F-15 had one side painted in commemoration of the USAF 70th anniversary, while the other side was in honor of those that had fallen in the mass shooting on October 1st.

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Grumman TBM Avenger operated by the Commemorative Air Force

“Chambers Field”, the Naval Air Station facility located within Naval Station Norfolk (NAVSTANOR), celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the flying component of the base with a fairly big but somewhat “secret” air show on Saturday, July 15th, 2017. It was a part of the overall celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the massive Naval Base in Norfolk known as “Naval Station Norfolk”. The single-day air show was one of a number of both public and private events celebrating 100 years of naval service that the Naval Station has provided since its founding in 1917. Later, on October 21st, the Base opened up a full-deck carrier – the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) – and a number of surface ships for public viewing; kind of like a “Mini-Airshow” on the Flight Deck and Hanger Bay of the new Carrier, called “Fleet-Fest 2017”. However, as great as the Air Show was with almost 30 airplanes on the ramps, it was kind of a “private” air show. There was no Blue Angels, and it was not really publicized much in the Virginia Beach – Hampton Roads area. The public had access only between 11AM and 4PM and only about 5,000 people showed up. But if you like Navy planes, it was certainly the place to be for a great static and flying show. I’d say it was a top notch “Secret Air Show” for sure. Stand by for some cool Navy air show details later…

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The 1990 Pratt and Whitney 65th Anniversary Air Show

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The year was 1990, sixty-five years after the Pratt and Whitney company began their work on aircraft engines in East Harford, Connecticut. Frederick Rentschler and six others moved into an empty shop space in 1925, and developed the Wasp radial – an air cooled aircraft engine. This was the first in a long line of radial designs, and the company was just one of the brands that would ultimately merge to become the 1990’s United Technologies Corporation, a major Connecticut employer and world leader in aviation engine and systems manufacturing.

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