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Reno Air Races 2018

Reno 2018 (423)

Ever since I was a very young boy, I’ve had a dream of making it to Stead Field in Nevada for the Reno Air Races. Whether it was family commitments, finances, Army training, or deployments, something always seemed to come up keeping me from attending. Finally, this past September, I was able to fulfill that dream.

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“Sally B“ – A Flying Monument

2018-07-02 G-BEDF Boeing B17 Sally B

The prototype of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress took off for the first time in 1935, deliveries to the US Air Force (at that time called US Army Air Corps) began in October 1939. Till the end of production 1945 overall 12.731 B-17 have been built in different versions, marking as well the start of mass production of big aircraft for Boeing. In peak times sixteen aircraft per day left the production facilities in Seattle, Long Beach and Burbank. The manufacture of the B-17 led Boeing from the B-17 via the B-29, B-52, B707 and B747 to the aircraft from today – and made Boeing one of the two big players in aircraft production in the world.

Today 44 B-17s still exist worldwide, 14 of those are in flyable condition – and nearly all of them have their home base in the United States. The sole exception is “Sally B”, a Boeing B-17G, which calls Duxford in United Kingdom its home.

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Re-purposed Warbirds and Other Classics…

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There’s quite a large number of former military warplanes and civilian airliners that have taken on roles other than what they were designed to do.  A good quantity of piston and turboprop transports, and some bombers too, have recently been retired from air tanker service, with age and deteriorating equipment as main reasons. Here is a quick look at many of these re-purposed warbirds, some no longer airworthy, others still flying and fighting fires.

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OSH WARBIRDS IN REVIEW PART 3 Vintage Jets, the New Generation of Warbirds

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Rounding out our review of Warbirds at AirVenture 2018, we take a look at the early generation of jet aircraft. These early generation of jets are some of the first to take flight, have seen service in many different conflicts, and with many different countries around the world. These jets have now been replaced by newer and faster models making them obsolete, but have found new life after their military service, these jets are now growing in popularity with civilian owners. The Jet Warbirds that were part of AirVenture 2018, were a fascinating mix of US, Canadian, Czechoslovakian, and Polish built jets.

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