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Allisons, Wrights, Packards and Pratts, A Quick Freedom Tour Stop by the Collings Foundation at Worcester


The Collings Foundation's Freedom Tour, a travelling band of World War II warbirds, made a stop in Worcester, Massachusetts recently.  Included in the tour was their B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft", the TF-51 "Toulouse Nuts", and the B-25 Mitchell "Tondelayo". The Foundation's B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine-O-Nine" couldn't make the trip, as it was having an engine changed in Burlington VT.

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Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s 28th Annual World War II Weekend Scrapbook


Reading PA's Mid-Atlantic Air Museum boasts over ninety aircraft and replica aircraft from the past 100 years.  Most of these are civilian aircraft, but a lot of the attention surrounding the Museum focuses on their annual World War II weekend, with its gathering of warbirds and re-enactors. Mike Colaner attended the 2018 show, which was the 28th annual event. Here are some photos of the great aircraft that were in attendance, captured by the keen eye of Mike!

Warbirds and Historic Aviation Anniversaries Displayed at Airshow London, 2018


Despite being hosted at one of the busiest civil airports in the province of Ontario, and among the top 20 busiest by passenger volume in Canada, Airshow London 2018 featured a minimal amount of flying civil acts, with US and Canadian military stealing the show in a big way!

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The Centennial of Poland’s Air Force Celebrated

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The Second Republic of Poland was founded in 1918, after the end of the First World War. Except for the few years’ interruption during the Second World War, the Republic of Poland has since stood sovereign, though with different forms of government over the decades. That makes 2018 the 100th anniversary of this Republic’s founding, and cause for celebrations. As the Republic was formed, so was its Air Force too, and aviation presented a grand birthday party with plenty of hometown flying, plus heavy foreign participation in a salute to a century of service. The military airfield in Radom, Poland – almost 100 kilometers south of Warsaw, was the venue for this two day event. The Radom-Sadkow airport is a training base for the most part, but recently has become the home to a biennial air show that attracts dozens of military aircraft from Europe and beyond. Normally held during odd years, the anniversary celebration warrented the rare even-year’s presentation.

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