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Owls Head Transportation Museum’s “Rally” Warbirds



Here’s a riddle: How many tires would there be in one place in Maine, if you gathered a half dozen aircraft and eighty vintage cars, motorcycles and trucks for an air and auto show? So far, so good? OK, now double the aircraft total, and triple the automobile total because you have to add the entire contents of a world-class transportation museum’s collections, since the event was held at the Owls Head Transportation Museum. The Museum’s Wings and Wheels “Rally” was held at the western end of the Knox County Regional Airport on the weekend of August 5th and 6th, 2017 - featuring this amazing number of airplanes and autos both indoors and out. By the way, some of you might have guessed around a thousand wheels, but did you remember to add in the tailwheels and the spare tires too? Read more »

Oshkosh Warbird Scrapbook 2017!

IMG_4872 (1000x624)

Here are just some of the aircraft that graced the skies overhead Oshkosh Wisconsin during the 2017 EAA AirVenture. Heavy on the warbirds! OK... not all of these are traditional warbirds, but you get our drift... Read more »

THE BARNES AIR SHOW 2017: The History of Barnes Airport and the 104th Fighter Wing


Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport was home to the 2017 "Westfield International Air Show", a flying extravaganza sponsored by the 104th Fighter Wing and held in central Massachusetts on August 11th and 12th this year that included over 72 airplanes and 6 hours of "Sierra Hotel" flying for 100,000 plane crazy people! Outwardly Barnes looks like a small airport, but Barnes Airport near Springfield has an amazing history: Read more »

The U.S. Air Force is Seventy Years Old

Enhc Red Arrows Thunderbirds-7444

The RAF Red Arrows lead the USAF Thunderbirds in an Anniversary salute to the U.S. Air Force in the U.K. this year 

The United States Air Force will celebrate the seventieth anniversary of its founding on September 18, 2017. Seventy years of aviation history is hard to imagine, there is no way we could portray all of the individual and/or group efforts that have stood out for these past seven decades... thus we offer a timeline of just a few notable events and actions that have helped make the USAF a highly visible force in both war and peace. These choices in this timeline are arbitrary, and do not focus on any specific area of knowledge or technical merit. Rather, this is just a small snapshot of some events that will form a framework to see some of the aircraft and some service members' accomplishments along the way.  At the end, check out our slide show of Air Force aircraft throughout the years too!

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