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No Place Like Oshkosh


It’s about that time again… EAA AirVenture, 2018! I’m so ready for everything “Oshkosh!” This will be my sixth year attending and by many standards, that still makes me a rookie. There’s still so much I’m sure I haven’t seen or done so my planning begins now… almost 50 days out. Some people plan a year in advance so I might even be behind at 50 days. I’ve learned most people plan according to who they want to see perform or forums and workshops they want to attend. This year, I’m hoping to do the same. On my list: The One Week Wonder, the Seaplane Base, and of course, the fabulous airshows that are put on daily!

Working with the One Week Wonder project is going to an experience I soon won’t forget. Four years ago, EAA, with the help of 2,500 members and attendees, built a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer in a week. You were able to help build this aircraft and then sign your name next to the part you built. In my case, I signed my name next to the rivet I pulled. I know, I know… it was just a rivet, but I did it with such flair. I’m sure Rosie would be quite jealous! Just like before, this next airplane, a Van’s RV-12iS, will be built and able to fly at the end of the week. If you get a chance, stop by and see what you can build!

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The National Warplane Museum’s 2018 Airshow is Rapidly Approaching!


2018 National Warplane Museum Airshow, better known as “The Greatest Show on Turf” will once again take to the skies in western New York State on July 13-15, 2018 in the town of Geneseo. The spectacle of warbirds operating from a grass runway draws many spectators year after year, although the variety of aircraft attracts many followers too. Being close to the action is a third reason why thousands attend, and don’t forget the National Warplane Museum too!

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The Yarram Centenary of Flight


The Yarram Centenary of Flight on 17.3.2018 celebrated 100 years of flight in Yarram, in particular the first war operation of military aircraft in Australia, in commemorating the search for the German commerce Raider SMS Wolf. A Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2b “Battleplane”, serial A778, presented to the Commonwealth by Mr A M Simpson, was sent on detachment from Point Cook (then the Australian Military Forces’ Central Flying School) to join the search off the Victorian coast for the German ship. Captain Frank McNamara, V.C., was appointed Officer Commanding, Air Reconnaissance, South Gippsland. McNamara flew reconnaissance missions off the coast, and probably deserved a second decoration for flying beyond sight of land in an aircraft with very marginal performance! During this operation, the F.E. suffered a serious accident demanding significant repairs at Yarram, in the first war operation conducted in Australia. has researched the operation in the Australian Archives and attended this event as seen in the accompanying photo folio.

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U.S. Military Aviation’s Half Century Club


There are a handful of aircraft designs that are approaching, or have already surpassed fifty years of service with various U.S. military users. Half a century of service speaks praises of the design’s utility and adaptability, as many designs have been assigned duties other than what they originally were intended to carry out. Additionally, some former military aircraft have been passed to non-military government agencies and used even further. Here’s a look at many designs that have been in service to the United States for half a century, plus a bonus look at some aircraft that have come very close to that half-century mark, or will no doubt break that milestone in the near future.

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