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Warbird Weekend, Arizona Style


As parts of this great nation were still under winter weather watches and warnings, with everything from snow flurries to all-out blizzard conditions, the weather in Arizona at the same time was just the opposite. With only a slight chill in the clear morning air that required a thin coat, temperatures soon warmed up to 75 or 80 degrees, resulting in some of the most beautiful aviation photography weather in the country. Read more »

Craven County’s Historic Aircraft


North Carolina’s Craven County is home to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, and rich in aviation history. In particular, Havelock – the city where the air base is located, has close ties to military flight activity, and a number of restored military aircraft.


The city’s crest, and those of the police and fire departments, even contains a silhouette of a Marine Corps AV-8 Harrier. Read more »

The Disestablishment and a Brief History of the VMAQT-1 Banshees


Oxford Dictionary defines the word “disestablish” as: dis·es·tab·lish, [disəˈstabliSH] vb. “deprive (an organization, especially a country's national church) of its official status.” In military aviation, a disestablishment likely means that the squadron’s current operations, staffing, equipment and/or mission has finished its tasks, and that organization is disbanding. It also means that the heritage and accomplishments of the unit is no longer actively displayed. At the recent 2016 MCAS Cherry Point Air Show, those in attendance at the Friday evening event got a rare privilege to watch how a squadron is “disestablished”, with the appropriate pomp and honor that recognized Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron 1 (VMAQT-1) and its past associated squadrons. VMAQT-1 has stood down, leaving the Marines with three Tactical Electronic Warfare squadrons equipped with the last Grumman EA-6B Prowlers in U.S. military service. Read more »

Wings over Illawarra 2016 – A Parade of Allies!


The Historic Aircraft Restoration Society operates its museum, dominated by the B747-400 VH-OJA, at Illawarra regional Airport, Albion Park, New South Wales. In cooperation with the museum, Bright Events have managed Wings over Illawarra air show for some years. After attempts for the last two years, WoI was finally visited by favourable weather in 2016. Last year, the air show was cancelled due to heavy rains and the amount of sitting water on the runway. The year before that, high winds were responsible for the cancellation. This tried the patience of the organisers and participants and took a tremendous amount of work to bring to us a successful 2016 event. Read more »