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2018 EAA AirVenture Warbird Photos, Part 1

The EAA's AirVenture brought together an estimated five Hundred warbirds of various shapes, sizes, purposes and colors.  Here's a slide show with highlights from the first half of the week-long presentation...

Gloster Meteor Flies Again!

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On Monday, June 18, I was fortunate enough to witness the only flying example of a Gloster Meteor in the United States from the Hampton Roads Executive Airport in Chesapeake, Virginia. It was purchased by Marty Tibbits roughly 18 months ago, and after working out how to ship it intact from England, arrived at the Hampton Roads Executive Airport in April earlier this year. "This involved 4 cranes and a lot of logistics," explained Marty. After being taken out of the shipping containers, the Meteor was reassembled in May, which included reattaching the wings, as well as the aircraft requiring a certification of flight before it could start flying once again. This was completed in June and it was ready for the big day when it could grace our skies.

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The Quonset Point Air Show for 2018, officially called the "2018 Rhode Island National Guard Open House Air Show", was held on Saturday and Sunday, June 9th and 10th, at the Quonset State Airport in North Kingston Rhode Island. Considering that their prime supplier of static warbird airplanes - The Quonset AIr Museum - went bankrupt last year and had to junk or sell off all of their warbirds that were always on the ramp, the air show was still able to muster up over 60 airplanes both on the Hot Ramp and the Static Ramp for 2018. Actual current operational military aircraft however were only 10 airplanes, but if you throw in everybody that showed up into that mix, including the Blues, the Skytypers, the GA's, and the stunt plane "Noisemakers", we ended up with a grand total of 61 airplanes on the ramp. Quonset is called a "National Guard" air show because its Primary Sponsor is the "National Guard Association of Rhode Island". That translates into the two RING tenant units on base at the "Quonset Air National Guard Base" - the USAF Air National Guard 143rd Airlift Wing (143AW) flying the C-130J-30 Stretch Super Hercules transport aircraft and the Army National Guard Aviation Support Facility for the 1st Battalion / 126th Aviation Regiment (1/126th) flying the UH-60 Blackhawk utility helicopter.

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Pioneer Aero, Ardmore NZ, 28 March 2018



Article first run on Australia's Aviation Report, published here with the writer's kind permission - ed.

Steven Cox and Paul McSweeny run this small business which punches above its weight in rural New Zealand. During our tour of the North Island, Aviation Report were welcomed through the doors of Pioneer Aero, a company renowned for quality warbird restorations.

They run a tidy hangar with up to nine staff seen this day. The P-39 at this stage was the main project in hangar and was expected to be nearing completion by late 2018.

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