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Our coverage of EAA AirVenture 2019 starts with a look at an aircraft that hardly needs an introduction and solidified its place in aviation history over 75 years ago. The aircraft that would eventually become known as the Mustang was born in 1940 and was originally designated the NA-73X. It took only 102 days for the first prototype air frame, manufactured by North American Aviation, to be rolled out after The Royal Air Force signed a contract. A short 48 days later the Mustang would take flight on October 26, 1940. The P-51 Mustang was originally developed for the Royal Air Force and designated the Mustang Mk1 which was used as a tactical reconnaissance and fighter/bomber platform as World War II raged on in Europe. The United States would enter World War II and immediately saw the need for an advanced fighter aircraft. The United States Army Air Corps evaluated the Mustang, and after switching from an Allison engine to a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, which gave the Mustang much better performance the P-51 B and C models entered the war effort. The United States Army Air Corps would use Mustangs as escorts for bombers and also in the fighter bomber role.

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Looking Back… Collings Foundation at Beverly Massachusetts 9/20/2019

The Wings of Freedom Tour – a group of World War II warbirds operated by the Collings Foundation, made a stop in Beverly, Massachusetts during the third weekend in September.

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Going Corsair Crazy at Thunder Over Michigan


If the diversity of the Photo Pit patrons was anything to go by, Thunder Over Michigan’s reputation for being one of the world’s premier warbird-focused airshows remains alive and well. Among others, attendees came from all corners of the US in addition to overseas guests from as far away as Europe and New Zealand. Motivated by Thunder’s slot in the schedule just one week after Oshkosh, many airshow fans hopped from EAA’s legendary gathering to Southeast Michigan to take in the sights and sounds during the Yankee Air Museum’s annual show at historic Willow Run Airport.

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An Alpine Village Airshow: Small Town Charm Present in Abundance at Wings Over Northern Michigan 2019


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About an hour west of Traverse City, Gaylord is a small town in Northern Michigan best known for golfing, winter sports, and its “Alpine Village” aesthetic. The 2019 edition of Wings Over Northern Michigan marked the 10th consecutive year of airshows hosted at Gaylord Regional Airport, an admirable streak for any show much less one hosted in a quaint vacation town with a population under 4,000.

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