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2017 LA County Air Show


One show that definitely stands out each year is the LA County Airshow at Fox Field in Lancaster, California. With such a rich history of aviation testing and pioneers in the Antelope Valley, the setting couldn't be better. In only it's fourth year, the show’s popularity continues to grow and had a record attendance of 40,000 show goers on the weekend of March 25th and 26th. The headliners, the United States Air Force Demonstration Team, The Thunderbirds wowed the crowd with their breathtaking formation and individual maneuvers. Read more »

Boeing’s First KC-135 Served In Many Non-Tanker Roles

c135 1

Story by Ken Kula with Nicole Cloutier The first Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker was delivered to the U.S. Air Force at Boeing’s Renton, Washington plant in January, 1956. Carrying a serial of 55-3118, the first production KC-135A was named the “City of Renton”, and christened with a bottle of local river water. Interestingly, the first jet-powered aerial tanker was delivered at the same time as the final KC-97 propeller-driven tanker was delivered from the same factory. Read more »

Remembering LZ 129, the Hindenburg – and the Importance of Naval Air Station Lakehurst

lz5 On May 6, 2017, I attended the memorial service the eightieth anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster at the spot where the Hindenburg crashed at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey. The weather was much like it was that fateful night eighty years ago, overcast, a cool breeze and light rain. For more than 30 years on May 6th, the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society (NHLS) has marked this solemn occasion at the very spot where the Hindenburg’s Gondola came to rest. Read more »

Chasing Warbirds at Bradley


Driving north up I-91 in Connecticut presents some "Targets of Opportunity" if you are hunting for Warbirds. Set the GPS for "Bradley International Airport" (KBDL) north of Hartford and exit at CT-20 then go two miles to CT-75 north. In a mile you will be at the approach lights for Runway 33-15. If the wind is right, pull over to one of the parking lots and watch some of the airliners on final. Proceed up 75 for about two miles and turn left at the orange sign for "New England Air Museum". At that turn you will be right at the end of Runway 24-6, the main runway at BDL at 9,510 feet, another good spot for inbound traffic. If you then proceed down Perimeter Road a bit you will come to the Connecticut Fire Training Center; if you're lucky, you will then see them burning down that concrete tower one more time. A little further down the road past the FAA ATC Tower you will come to the entrance to the New England Air Museum (NEAM), home of about 100 restored aircraft. But before you do that, keep going down the road and you will come to the End of Runway 15, ideal for more plane spotting. Drive a little further past FedEx and you will come to the Main Gate for the CT-ANG Air Base, home of the 103rd Airlift Wing, "The Flying Yankees". Read more »