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Looking Back at Past Joint Base Andrews Air Shows


The Washington DC area is served by multiple military bases, but the largest is now called Joint Base Andrews. Once an airport where the Navy and Marines operated one side of the aerodrome and the Air Force managed the other side, it is now combined as the name states, with Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and various Reserve units operating aircraft from its parallel runways.

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“Hornet Zero One” Showcases Canada’s150th Anniversary


If you are anything like me, I enjoy seeing special paint schemes on fighter aircraft. Arguably, nobody is doing it better and more consistently than the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Every year before the airshow season starts I anxiously await what supreme design will adorn the RCAF CF-118 known as ‘Hornet 01’. Read more »

Stewart International Airport’s Military History, Where the New York Air Show is Held

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If you come in the back way to Stewart International Airport, in by the south entrance off of Route 207, and if you are a little bit of an air base archeologist, you will immediately pick up clues that this was the old Stewart Air Force Base from 1948 to 1970. The entry road widens where the Base Main Gate was; there are still a few one- and two-story red brick military-type buildings that work their way along the winding roads. Up on a surrounding hill you’ll still find one old 1950's USAF hanger still left intact. The Airport Administration is housed in one of the old USAF brick buildings near the old Base Fire and Crash station too. Read more »

The Great State of Maine Air Show, Upcoming Thrills and Past History


Look familiar? A old photo of NAS Brunswick's 2005 air show and open house...

The airport at Brunswick, Maine has a long history of service to the United States. Originally it was built as a civilian gravel airfield, then converted as a military Naval Air Station during the World War II years, when it was used to train Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilots and used for anti-submarine patrols by U. S. and Allied forces. After a short reversion to civilian operations after the war, the Cold War pushed the Navy to reopen an airborne patrol and anti-submarine function at the base. Since 2011, the airport has been returned to civilian hands after a BRAC decision to shutter the base one last time. Now, it is known as the Brunswick Executive - Midcoast Regional Airport. Read more »