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AirShow London’s Arrival Day Spectacular


Every once in a while, the moon and the stars are aligned just right, and things fall together on an air show arrival day that maxes out the “Fun Meter”. Close to ten hours of aviation excitement unfolded on Friday for those who had purchased an AirShow London Photo Pass option. London, Ontario saw a series of large air shows, with great military participation, in the 1980s through the early 2000s. There was a hiatus for a dozen years, until this year’s show was fielded.

Packages for air show attendance included a third and even a fourth day of excitement – a full package included a full day of the Friday Photo Tour day, full air shows on Saturday and Sunday, and a day full of aircraft departures on Monday. The two-day pass includes Friday and either Saturday or Sunday… and both Photo Tour options include early access to the grounds on the weekend (for more static photos) too. Here’s how the Friday Photo Tour unfolded, and why this option was a winner in 2016…

Arrival day is a great opportunity for show enthusiasts, especially those with a camera. Offering no crowds, best available spots from which to photograph, and like-minded aviation and photography aficionados to converse with, it is a huge bonus if the weather cooperates. On the Friday prior to the 2016 air show, the weather cooperated in spectacular fashion, with blue skies for most of the day, and a sneaky sunset and moonrise to play with. With better than three dozen aircraft expected, and scheduled airline service added to the mix, there were plenty of subjects to photograph.

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The 36th Annual Wings Over Camarillo Air Ahow

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The 36th annual ‘Wings Over Camarillo’ air show was held August 20th and 21st at the Camarillo Airport in Southern California. Once known as Oxnard Air Force Base, it is now home to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the Ventura County 99’s, the Ventura County Sheriff Department, and the Commemorative Air Force’s Southern California Wing. The airport also houses several general aviation businesses such as Orbitz Helicopters.

Bob Eubanks

The show’s Grand Marshall this year was none other than Mr. Bob Eubanks, who helped open the show along with Ron Fleishman. Together they kept the crowd informed and entertained, sharing stories of Bob’s illustrious career in between aerial acts.

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The Other Side of Thunder 2016

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Scott talks about warbirds and classic freightliners at Willow Run, MI present during the 2016’s Thunder Over Michigan

The Skies over Detroit’s Willow Run International Airport (KYIP) are devoid once again of High Performance Fighters of today and yesterday once again. Thunder Over Michigan 2016 is in the rear view mirror and in the History Books. Thunder 2016 had it all, Mustangs to Migs, Hueys to Hornets, and A10’s to Avenger’s. The highlights were many from High Performance Fighters such as the FA-18E/F Super Hornet to the F-22A Raptor flying maneuvers that are hard to believe possible. The Breitling Jet Team put on a dazzling display of aerial artistry flying the highly maneuverable L-39 Albatross. If these were not enough add in the F-100 Super Sabre, Mig-17 Fresco, and the TA-4J Skyhawk kept the intensity and noise level very high. Not to be forgotten were the Yankee Air Museum B-25 Mitchell and B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers that graced the skies on a daily basis.

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Many a story will be written, many a photo posted, and many a video watched but there is also a different type of Thunder that goes relatively unnoticed. It is this type of Thunder that draws me to Willow Run year after year. In between the all of the Warbird and Fast Jet action several other Classic Aircraft also come and go. They were once the Workhorses that flew Passengers around the world in their heyday. Their Passenger flying days now over they fulfill an even greater need today. They keep American Production lines and Factories running. I am referring to the Freighters and the Airlines that fly them. These are not your common household Airline names such as American, Delta, and United.

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Flying with the GEICO Skytypers

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Since 2006, the GEICO Skytypers have been a crowd favorite performing at fifteen air show sites annually. The Long Island, NY based team has thrilled audiences with precise close-formation maneuvers in their six SNJ-2 WWII trainer aircraft as far west as Oshkosh, WI; with most shows taking place east of Chicago, north to Maine and south to Florida. At the recent New York air show where the Skytypers were performing; a young teenager commented to his friend, “These are a bunch of old guys flying really old airplanes.” Those within ear-shot offered no response, seemingly to agree with the youth’s assessment.

Following the Stewart AFB Newburg, NY air show, the GEICO Skytypers moved onto their next show site – NAS Oceana, VA – where four of us were offered a media-photo ride with the team.
On Oceana’s ramp, we gathered inside the GEICO air-conditioned travel trailer, which provided a welcome relief from the hot humidity. The trailer resembled a modern office with carpeting, recessed lighting, cabinets, countertops and a wood-paneled briefing room with a long boardroom table, leather desk chairs and modern electronic media devices. The outside rear of the trailer housed a full service, well stocked workbench and machine shop.

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