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The Great State of Maine Air Show, Upcoming Thrills and Past History


Look familiar? A old photo of NAS Brunswick's 2005 air show and open house...

The airport at Brunswick, Maine has a long history of service to the United States. Originally it was built as a civilian gravel airfield, then converted as a military Naval Air Station during the World War II years, when it was used to train Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilots and used for anti-submarine patrols by U. S. and Allied forces. After a short reversion to civilian operations after the war, the Cold War pushed the Navy to reopen an airborne patrol and anti-submarine function at the base. Since 2011, the airport has been returned to civilian hands after a BRAC decision to shutter the base one last time. Now, it is known as the Brunswick Executive - Midcoast Regional Airport. Read more »

Collings Foundation’s 2017 Race of the Century

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The State of Massachusetts was an early U.S. automotive powerhouse during the industry’s formative years, between the 1890s and 1930s. Over two hundred Bay State companies manufactured new automobiles during these years; some produced only a few examples, while others opened manufacturing and assembly lines. The Collings Foundation, whose headquarters and main Museum is located in Stow, Massachusetts (not too far away from Springfield), has assembled a large and diverse collection of early automobiles to go along with a varied and (mainly) airworthy collection of aircraft. Many of the Collings Foundation’s warbirds are on the road each year, flying across the U.S. on their Wings of Freedom Tour (such as their B-17, B-24, B-25 and P-51 are during 2017). Others are based in Texas or other airports in different regions of the country. Read more »

The Special Colors of the 2017 Royal International Air Tattoo

First Suchoi SU-27UB_831 BrTA_71_Ukraine The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the world's largest military air show, held annually over the third weekend in July. Over the past few decades, it has been usually held at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England in support of The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust. The show typically attracts a total of 150,000 to 160,000 spectators over the weekend. The show took place at Fairford every two years until it became an annual show in 1993. Guinness World Records have recognised RIAT 2003 as the world's largest ever military airshow, with 535 aircraft in attendance! Read more »

Another Look at Reading’s 2017 World War II Weekend

Enhc C-47D Yankee Doodle Dandy-8801 Photography by Howard German and Daniel O. Myers For twenty-seven years, a legion of committed World War II Weekend volunteers and re-enactors has turned the Reading, PA airport into an active and entertaining living history lesson. Entering the airports vast grounds, weekend attendees stepped back in time as they passed along the recreated Home Front with period actors conversing with the public. This WWII era Main Street included a recreated victory theater, air raid warden’s guard shack, house, cottage-style gas station with vintage cars and a department store selling 1940's dry goods. Meandered farther down the street, the O-Club offered a variety of 1940’s entertainment as actor portrayals of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, General Douglas MacArthur and LTJG John F. Kennedy strolled through the crowd. Read more »