North American B-25H “Barbie Three” N5548N

Serial Number      43-4106      Type Registration      Corporation
Manufacturer Name     NORTH AMERICAN     Certificate Issue Date     07/08/2009
Model     B-25H     Status     Valid
Type Aircraft     Fixed Wing Multi-Engine     Type Engine     Reciprocating
Pending Number Change     None     Dealer     No
Date Change Authorized     None     Mode S Code     51610704
MFR Year     1943     Fractional Owner     NO
Registered Owner

Street     2711 CENTERVILLE RD STE 400

City     WILMINGTON     State     DELAWARE
County     NEW CASTLE     Zip Code     19808-1645

Engine Manufacturer     WRIGHT     Classification     Limited
Engine Model     R-2600 SER     Category     None
A/W Date     07/08/1996

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