Fokker DR1 Mini Documentary

Chris Grube and his father spent 15 years building their own RED BARON also known as the Fokker DR1 Tri-plane. It is a exact flying reproduction of an aircraft made famous by German World War I Fighter Ace Manfred von Richthofen known as “The Red Baron” who earned 80 kills in the DR1. The only changes made to this version over the original are a modern engine, a tail wheel for landing on paved runways and equipment required for flying in the United States. All other aspects of this aircraft are identical to a Fokker Tri-plane produced 97 years ago. The DR1 was the most maneuverable aircraft flown during World War I and was feared by pilots that flew against it in combat.
Chris is planning to display and fly his Fokker DR1 during future airshows as his schedule permits.

Contact Information for Chris Grube is:

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