Flying with Betty Jane

On friday April 16th Classicwarbirds had the chance to fly along with the collings foundation B-17 ,B-24 and the P-51c  named Betty Jane.  My brother Steve Kate (Drsky) contacted Hunter Chaney director of marketing with the collings foundation about covering the 2010  Wings Of Freedom tour.  A date was set for our crew to fly from Albuquerque,NM  (KABQ) to Scottsdale, AZ (KSDL). On the morning of April 16th 2010 the crew met atPhoenix Sky Harbor  airport for the short flight to Albuquerque on southwest airlines.  A friend of Steve’s at the KABQ airport Police drove us across the airport ramp to Cutter Aviation KABQ . After checking in we were told we would be riding on the B-24 Witchcraft. This was ok with me,as the open waist gun windows make for a perfect platform to shoot photos from. While on the ramp at KABQ I spoke to the P-51 pilot and briefed on the flight profile. The Pilot told me he was planing on flying on the RH wing of the B-24 all the way to KSDL  this was great news to me.Finally I will have a chance to shoot some air to air with a P-51 Mustang. The following photos are from that flight, more will follow as I post to the Gallery. I would like to thank All of the Members and Volunteer members of the Collings Foundation for the opportunity to once again fly with the legends.

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