Dale Moody’s Classic Photos – Part One

1948 P51D, Galloping Ghost, photographed at Chicago-Hammond airport in Lansing, IL.  Owned at the time by it's original surplus owners (purchased for $3500), Steve Beville and Bruce Raymond who shared racing this airplane at the Cleveland Air Races in 1946, '47, '48 and 1949.  In the Thompson Trophy Race (equivalent to the "Gold" at the Reno Air Races) the Galloping ghost finished second once and fourth three times in a basically stock P51. 1946:  10 laps, 300 miles, 4th at 364 mph  Bruce Raymond, pilot 1947:  20 laps, 300 miles (new course layout below) 4th, at 360 mph, Steve Beville, pilot 1948:  20 laps, 300 miles, 2nd at 365 mph, Bruce Raymond, pilot 1949:  20 laps, 300 miles, 4th at 381 mph, Steve Beville, pilot

February 1959  Avalon, Catalina Island, CA Sikorsky VS44A Flying Boat, Avalon Air Transport between Long Beach, mainland and Avalon, Catalina Island $5 each way.

AUGUST 1963 Pan American Airways B727 Seattle to Fairbanks via Annette Island (Juneau), AK Unscheduled stop-over at Annette Island enroute to Fairbanks because US Air Force called an air alert grounding all commercial flights for the day.  The Pan Am terminal at Annette Island consisted of a Quonset hut where the men's toilet had only one urinal.  Pan Am rented taxi cabs for every passenger and groups of three were given a tour of Juneau, nearby Mendenhall Glacier and lunch while waiting for the alert to be lifted.  What had been scheduled as a non-stop flight from (Old) SeaTac to Fairbanks was continued late that afternoon when we flew in a DC4 to Fairbanks with another stop over at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

1965 EAA/ROCKFORD, IL  before annual convention was moved to Oshkosh, WI Naval Aircraft Factory N3N Wright Whirlwind

1967 USAF MUSEUM, DAYTON, OH Curtiss P6E Hawk  painted in snow hawk colors

1969 MENOMONEE FALLS, WI P51D-20NA BuNo. 44-63634 (44-85634a) Now "Big Beautiful Doll" Tail No. 472218  Reg. # NL351BD

 1973 CHICAGO AIR & WATER SHOW, North Avenue Beach of Lake Michigan Air Force Thunderbirds when still flying F4 Phantoms

1973 EAA/OSHKOSH P38 "Der Gabelshwantz Teuffel" (German for Split Tailed Devil) then owned by Chicago industrialist, Bill Ross.  BuNo. 44-53095  Last known to be in Texas in 2009 as "Putt Putt Maru" and being restored.  The other P38 is BuNo. 44-53087 belonged to Peter Kahn of Danville, IL at the time.  It is currently owned by EAA Aviation Foundation and displayed at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh in flying condition as Richard Bong's "Marge"    The P47 is one of the first restored "N"models to make the air show circuit at the time.

1975  ESTRELLA  GLIDER  SCHOOL, AZ Air to Air from Schweizer 2-32 (high performance, 2 place & aspect ratio of 18:1) to a Schweizer single place (probably one of the various SGU models in use at the time) and me standing in front of the 2-32.  The 2-32 was being flown by Les Horvath, one of the two brothers who owned the glider school at the time and who both defected from Hungary by stealing a sailplane and flying over the "Iron Curtain" to the west and freedom.  They came to the United States and traveled the country looking for an ideal place to open a glider school.  They settled on Estrella on and Indian Reservation between Phoenix and Tucson.  The school is still there today but the brothers have both retired and may even be deceased.  When I asked Les if my 135mm telephoto lens would be sufficient for air-to-air photos of other gliders, he replied that if I had a 50mm lens it would be adequate because he "would get me close enough".

1975 EAA/OSHKOSH Bell P63-F King Cobra, silver, N6763, BuNo. 43-11719  Probably incorrectly referred to as having raced as No. 28 on website:  http://warbirdregistry.org/p39-p63registry/p39-p63registry.html  Currently owned and flown by Commemorative Air Force as 411719 The Taylorcraft shows Duane Cole getting ready to do his performance. The white Monocoupe 90A, designed in 1930 and built by Donald Luscombe, later founder of Luscombe Aircraft, belonged to the late Harold Neuman, winner of the 1935 Thompson Trophy Race at the Cleveland Air Races in the Mister Mulligan, designed and built by Benny Howard.  Neuman named the Monocoupe "Little Mulligan". The white biplane is a home-built "Knight Twister" replica of the original 1932 home-built version of the same name. P47D Thunderbolt, tail No. 226422:  Current status of this airplane reveals conflicting information.  It could be the same airplane as that owned by the Commemorative Air Force and displayed at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.   This airplane is listed as a P47D-20-RE (built by Republic at Farmingdale, NY) with S/N 45-53436 although the actual S/N is probably 44-89136.  HOWEVER the "N" number shown under the horizontal stabilzer in thIs photo, N47DB, is actually a P47D-40-RA (built in Evansville, IN), the S/N of which doesn't match any of the P47D-40-RAs built there (44-90284-90483 and 44-49090-49554).  The P63E King Cobra, N6763, BuNo. 43-11719 is currently flying & owned by the Commemorative Air Force of Midland, TX as 411719.  It was owned at the time by Jack Flaherty of Hollistreet, Ca.  Warbirds Registry may have incorrectly credited as flying as race #28, #4 & #6. The orange biplane is a 1929 Travel Air E4000          
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