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A Look Back: The 2017 Defenders of Liberty Air Show

Before I was a Media Contributor, I was an avid air show photographer attending 8 to 10 shows a season. In addition to my annual driving-distance shows, I would take one trip that was a fly-and-drive, going someplace I had never been. In 2017, I set my sights on the Spring air show at Barksdale […]

What Might Have Been over Washington D.C.

Featuring the photography of  Shawn Byers, Mike Colaner, and Howard German. The Arsenal of Democracy Fly Over, planned for September 2020, was the make-up date f0r the postponed May, 2020 Fly Over, planned to parade overhead the Mall in Washington D.C. This collective group of pilots and planes would have commemorated the 75th anniversary of […]

Random Warbird Photos #8

    F-100F at Barnes Municipal Airport.  Here’s our eighth Random warbird photo scrapbook, enjoy!!

Our A-4 Skyhawk Scrapbook

  The Douglas/McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a lightweight, single engine, single pilot combat jet which performed its first flight on June 22, 1954. Intended as an aircraft carrier-based attack jet, it was built ruggedly to handle that punishing environment. Today, sixty-six years later, the design continues to soldier on in both the Argentinian Air […]