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U.S. Navy Training Aircraft From World War II to Today, Part 1

Here’s a scrapbook of U.S. Navy and Marines training aircraft from the World War II years through today. This first edition contains piston-engined aircraft, the next version will be published in a few weeks, and will feature turbine-engined aircraft. 

Aircraft that Have Served in Both Civilian and Military Capacities

There are many examples in aviation history where an aircraft model has served similar roles in both military and civilian use. Especially during the early years of World War II, many civilian aircraft were either modified for, or impressed into military service. Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century, civilian transports were used by […]

Our Dassault Mirage Scrapbook

French Air Force Mirage F1 at a Maple Flag Exercise at CFB Cold Lake… exercising its all-weather capabilities in pouring rain. Originally designed as a single seat fighter with a secondary bomber role, the French Dassault Mirage family of aircraft was expanded to include advanced fighter-interceptors and pure bomber variants. A pair of these bomber […]

Random Warbird Photos #8

    F-100F at Barnes Municipal Airport.  Here’s our eighth Random warbird photo scrapbook, enjoy!!