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Random Warbird Aircraft #9


Royal Australian Air Force RF-111C dump and burn spectacle at Avalon, Australia.

Here is our ninth Random Warbirds photo collection, enjoy!

Consolidated PB-4Y in waterbomber colors, NAS North Island, California.

Hawker Hunter “Papyrus” at RAF Cottesmore, U.K.

Former Swiss Air Force Hawker Hunter Mk.58 at RAF Cottesmore, U.K. 

Spitfire LF Mk.Vb at RAF Fairford, U.K.

Taylorcraft DCO-65 at Sacramento, California.

North American/Canadair Sabre approaching Nelllis AFB, Nevada.

CASA/Hispano HA-200 Saeta at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

Aeronca L-16A at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


Nanchang CJ-6 at Lakeland, Florida.

MiG-17/PZL Mielec Lim-6 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Bell P-39Q Airacobra at Eglin AFB, Florida.

Aero L-29 Delphin at NAS Pensacola, Florida.

Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, at an unknown airport.

Consolidated LB-30 at an unknown airport.

Beech C-45 at Sacramento, California.

CF-104D Starfighter at NAS Oceana, Virginia.

DeHavilland Canada C-7 Caribou at Eglin AFB, Florida.

F-100F tail at Barnes Municipal Airport, Massachusetts.

General Motors FM-2 Wildcat at Quonset Point, Rhode Island.

Grumman E-1A Tracer at NAS Pensacola, Florida.

Grumman F7F Tigercat, ready to race at Reno Stead, Nevada.

Polikarpov I-16 at Wanaka, New Zealand.

Italian Air Force F-104S Super Starfighter at RAF Fairford, U.K.

Remembering the Manchester, New Hampshire Air Shows…


Geneseo, New York based B-127 and London, Ontario based P-51D on the ramp at Manchester, New Hampshire in the 1990s.

Manchester, New Hampshire is located in the southern tier of state. It’s a fifty-minute drive to the Seacoast area and into the Atlantic Ocean, and about the same amount of driving south, to the big city of Boston, Massachusetts. During the last two decades of the 20th Century, a number of air shows were held at the medium-sized airport. The main attraction at these shows were warbirds, as the New England Escadrille was based at nearby Bedford, Massachusetts and operated a C-47.

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U.S. Navy Training Aircraft From World War II to Today, Part 1


Here’s a scrapbook of U.S. Navy and Marines training aircraft from the World War II years through today. This first edition contains piston-engined aircraft, the next version will be published in a few weeks, and will feature turbine-engined aircraft. 

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Aircraft that Have Served in Both Civilian and Military Capacities

There are many examples in aviation history where an aircraft model has served similar roles in both military and civilian use. Especially during the early years of World War II, many civilian aircraft were either modified for, or impressed into military service. Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century, civilian transports were used by military forces for similar job functions, and sometimes a military design was altered to successfully serve the civilian market too.

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